Guerrilla Marketing | Public Space Infrastructure Detour

Nowadays, you have to be as inventive as possible to attract the attention of a demanding public. Dare the unexpected with experiential campaigns and innovative tactics

Guerrilla marketing is an ideal option for standing out and offering unforgettable experiences. Call on Com’Invader to bring your most offbeat ideas to life.

Guerrilla marketing

To get people talking about you, all means are good ! Use original, non-traditional ways, such as outdoor activations, to evoke strong emotions in your target audience. The link between the brand and the audience fosters appropriation.

Guerrilla marketing is a creative and innovative communication strategy. The aim ? To engage and surprise the public by :

  • promoting a brand, a good or a service ;
  • announcing an event or an offer.

Get off the beaten track by installing advertising supports and reusing street installations. Guerrilla marketing is based on the detour of furniture and infrastructures of public space. From staircases to barriers, facades to benches, a vast field of possibilities is open to you. 

Com’Invader helps you transform the street into a real work of art by inventing advertising operations that reflect your image.

The benefits of guerrilla marketing

With unconventional marketing, originality is king for captivating advertising. Surprise your target audience by making a connection in the most unusual way. Passers-by are no longer just spectators, but also actors.

Guerrilla marketing campaigns are totally customizable and flexible. They can be adapted to suit your needs, resources and objectives.

Make your mark with guerrilla marketing. Create a buzz on social media or through word-of-mouth by opting for out-of-the-ordinary locations and facilities !

Guerrilla marketing considers the city as a space of expression with multiple options. The urban landscape has so much to offer to make your communication as unique as possible.

Our expertise

Com’Invader brings your most unusual ideas to life. Our strengths include responsiveness, performance, reliability and rapid implementation.

A service tailored to your needs

Since 2009, we’ve been putting our expertise to meet your needs and objectives. We’re committed to offering you 100% customized solutions, with communication campaigns that reflect your image.

Deliverable: Final report with photos / video clip

Produced by professionals

A dynamic team driven by your projects

We enthusiastically support you through the various stages of preparation, right up to the guerrilla marketing operation. This can be combined with other services, such as clean tag or wild projection, for an unforgettable effect.

A worldwide presence

Our entire team is on hand to make your dreams come true everywhere in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium…). Don’t hesitate to contact us with your project.